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SYNERGY Distributor: Eric Glenn
Eric Glenn
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SYNERGY Vital 3 Products - Core Greens, Mistica, ProArgi-9

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SYNERGY Quality is Assured

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When you see Synergy’s product logo, you can rest assured that you’re getting unique, life-changing products designed for the needs of sophisticated consumers throughout the world. Each of our premier formulations meets the highest technical standards and incorporates the most advanced technologies and ingredients. These products work together to dramatically improve your health, appearance and mental outlook.
Designing superior products begins with exhaustive research and development by the finest laboratories in America. We travel the world to find the most wholesome raw materials and freshest ingredients. All raw materials must meet the strictest standards, and all manufacturing incorporates the latest quality assurance techniques and technology.

Synergy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nature’s Sunshine Products, a 35-year-old, debt-free giant. Synergy benefits from this relationship with NSP in many ways. Nature’s Sunshine Products manufactures many Synergy products, and NSP scientists work with Synergy to oversee the design, manufacturing and production of all Synergy products. 
In 2002 NSP opened a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, with mechanical systems and quality-control mechanisms comparable to those used in the pharmaceutical industry. No other natural-health company can claim this level of attention to detail and insistence on the highest levels of manufacturing excellence.
The power of Synergy rests on the quality, purity and uniqueness of our products. We invite you to discover for yourself how our superior formulations can dramatically improve your life and change your appearance. 

Testimonials about SYNERGY and SYNERGY Products:

"The timing is brilliant to be part of Synergy. Right now we are focusing our efforts on our excellent new products, including our V3 nutritional system, which combines science and nutrition to enhance your health. I guarantee you that this system will soon be known world-wide. I believe with every fiber of my being that this regimen will enhance your health in ways that will amaze you."

-- Dan Higginson, President, Synergy WorldWide

"We have to do the right things to get on track with good health. We need to lose weight, stop smoking, and get some exercise. Then, we need to add good supplements like the V3 nutritional system to our diets. In my opinion this is the most complete nutritional system I’ve ever seen. It covers every part of the body and provides necessary antioxidants and powerful nutrients to every bodily system. You’ll be healthy and feel better with this amazing system!"

-- Ron Williams, Synergy spokesman and Mr. Natural Universe

"Before Core Greens came out I was taking a different greens product but it took me years to like the taste and though I knew it would keep me more healthy I couldn't discipline myself to even drink it. Starting in August Core Greens came out and I was amazed with the texture and taste and the immediate level of energy I was getting from it. I drink it every day and it has improved my health, reduced my weight and also improved my dancing.

I drank Core Greens during the 3rd season of Dancing with the Stars and I noticed during rehearsals out of all the dancers on the TV show I was the only one not huffing and puffing at the end when all the others were on the sidelines breathing hard. Also, like most professional dancers, I have a busy life and so I tended to reach for the fastest and easiest food available. This was usually not a healthy option. Core Greens is a healthy fast, easy, whole food and so having it around has helped me make better choices and improve my eating habits. Which is especially important now since I'm expecting! This is something super healthy that I can keep down and it goes strait to my growing baby. It is the best most nutritious thing for my child. I highly recommend Core Greens to everyone and anyone!"

-- Ashly Costa, Professional Dancer, Dancing with the Stars, ABC TV

Craig Young, age 50, was the sixth place finisher overall among 18,500 runners in the Great Aloha Run, held in Honolulu, Hawaii. He finished 6:33 ahead of the second-place finisher in the 50-54 age-group. Craig trained only three months in preparation for this race and attributes his success to the use of Synergy products. "As soon as I started using ProArgi-9 Plus, Mistica, and other products, I enjoyed an immediate and dramatic improvement in my performance" Young says. "Plus, I no longer have post-workout aches and pains, and I’m recovering in literally half the time. I feel like I'm 30 again. To top it all off, I no longer suffer from that mid-afternoon energy slump, something I've been living with since childhood."

-- Craig Young

"Up until just a few years ago I have not heard of l-arginine. A while ago I had a bad accident that left me with a fractured leg. Being laid up as long caused me go to 192 lbs, when I’m typically around 170 lbs. I’m a bicyclist, so when I was able to start riding again I started to use ProArgi-9 Plus and immediately dropped to 164 lbs. Before my injury my longest rides were 30 to 50 miles, with an occasional 75-mile ride, and now I don’t think twice about riding a century (100 miles). The more I use and learn about ProArgi-9, the more I realize it is part of my routine. Now, I won’t ride or train without it."

-- Brian K. Berg

"I have a background in teaching. I am also a personal chef and the mother of two teenagers. One of my preferred products with Synergy is ProArgi9 Plus. I have been taking it consistently, and I have seen a big difference. I recover much better from my workouts, I have less pain and soreness. I have lost about 10 pounds, but the best is that I actually fit into clothes that I had not been able to wear for a long time. My shape is changing. I love it!"

-- Christine Cronin

"I am a technology manager and mother of three teenage daughters. I started taking the ProArgi9-Plus and Core Greens a while ago. Within two weeks, people at work starting asking me what I was doing. I looked great, was losing weight and had a better attitude. I lost 16 pounds and went from a size 14 to 10 in less than two months. The Synergy products changed my level of energy, health, and well-being. For the first time in 15 years, I feel great! Today, I live a life full of energy and appreciation for Synergy."

-- Carolyn Fitzpatrick

"I learned about a nutritional supplement called Core Greens in Colorado Springs and started using it. During the next week when I was home, I realized that my cravings for fried foods, salty things, and sweets were gone. I also started to use the pH strips to test my acidity level and found it improving weekly. As of this date I have been steadily losing weight. I have successfully exercised more and I feel great. "

-- Mary Brown

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Purchase SYNERGY Products
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